Hybrid Cycle

Want the cardio of cycle with out the 45-minute commitment? Join our Hybrid cycle class where you’ll enjoy 15-minutes of indoor cycling followed by 20-minutes of full body toning and 10-minutes of stretching. You’ll ride the beat, cool down, then perform a mixture of body weight, barre inspired and light weight exercises. End your workout with a deep stretch! This class alternates with our full 45-minute cycle class.



  • Water bottle (required)
  • Towel


  • Sign Up! Only 8 riders per class.
  • Arrive 10 – 15 minutes early to set up your bike.
  • We recommend fitted pants or shorts for the most comfortable ride possible.
  • While our bikes do not require cycle shoes, proper foot gear is required.
  • Come ready to hydrate! Due to safety we cannot allow anyone to cycle with out a water bottle.
  • We reserve the right to release bikes 4 minutes before class starts. Riders who are 10 minutes late will not be admitted. If you arrive to a full class and have not signed up, you must wait until the 4 minute window to claim your bike.