Member Success Story: Jessy

People often say they’re “getting back into shape”. Well not me. “In shape” is never anything I’ve been. I’ve seen numbers as large as 299 on a scale and diet pills and other yoyo fads were not unknown to me. Neither was a gym to be honest. However success, true success, was not ever really obtained. That changed earlier this year. When I started working with Cliff I was at 278 lbs. Structured training was a foreign language to me. Running and aerobics weren’t even on the scale of things I thought possible. Cliff believed in me from day one and has held me accountable for both my slips and successes. With his guidance and support I’ve done a complete 180 and today we were able to mark off a total of 70 lbs lost. As they say, “I’m not there yet but I’m closer than I was yesterday.” Thanks to Cliff I’m a lot closer.

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