EXSS Fit is located at 609 Richlands Highway in Jacksonville, North Carolina inside the Triangle Shopping Center. Enjoy easy access from Route 53, Highway 17, Route 258 and the by-pass.

All of our membership options are available with no enrollment fees! We offer both month-to-month and contract options. While we do charge a $39 maintenance fee once a year, this ensures we are able to keep our monthly prices low while still maintaining and updating our equipment as necessary.

We believe fitness should fit within every budget. With a $20, $35 and $45 dollar membership option, we strive to make a gym membership affordable to everyone.

EXSS Fit offers certified personal training with 45 minute sessions. Available for members and non-members, we develop a customized plan to meet a variety of goals. We offer pay per session or 10 packs for a 25% discount. Payment plans are available.

We are sorry to hear that you are leaving us!

Month-to-month memberships and members outside their contract term can be cancelled with a 2-week written notice. Email cliff@exssfit.

EXSS Fit brings the gym to you in our 26 foot mobile facility! Our mobile gym is equipped with an elliptical, squat rack, bench, free weights and so much more. Enjoy all the perks of a gym along side a certified personal trainer and take the excuses out of fitness.

Yes, EXSS fit offers discounted memberships, wellness classes, and corporate group classes to all our business partners. Email cliff@exssfit.com to learn more.

Yes! Email cliff@exssfit.com and we would be happy to set you up with a visitor pass. All guests must be registered and have necessary waiver paperwork on file. EXSS Fit does not allow free guest passes without prior apprival.