Trainer Category: Personal Trainer

Kurtis Carnes

Born in Iowa and raised in Nebraska, Kurtis joined the United States Marine Corps at 18 years old serving 11 years and 5 combat tours. His fitness journey began shortly after receiving a serious injury that left him unable to walk for a six month period. While doctors informed him he would never physically be […]

Cassie Renchen

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Cassie‚Äôs path to health and fitness was a little unconventional. A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University in Political Science, Cassie decided to take an educational 180 and turn her passion project into a career. After moving to Eastern North Carolina with her husband, she joined the family business earning […]

Cliff Renchen

A native of North Carolina, Cliff Renchen strives to bring his knowledge of health science and nutrition to Eastern Carolina. After graduating from The Citadel with his Master of Science in Health, Exercise, and Sports Science, Cliff dreamed of revolutionizing the health and fitness industry. Through this dream EXSS Fit was born. During his time […]