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Dr. Andy Atz

Can’t say enough about the success I have had with Cliff! I am not the usual client. I arrived, a stressed out early 50’s emaciated 138-pound man. My goal was to build strength and gain weight. Within a short amount of time, and with personalized cardio exercise and weight training plans, I saw huge results […]

Cheryl Provost

For me, meeting Cliff was truly a catalyst for change in my life. His knowledge and caring personality make a great combination for pushing you beyond your limits in a safe and encouraging manner. Not only did he help me accomplish a 50-pound weight loss through proper nutrition, exercise and weight training, he also supported […]

Katie Kirks

Cliff was my personal trainer for about 3-4 months! He is by far the best trainer I have had! He focused on what my goal was, constantly encourage me, pushed me and made it fun! Best around by far! If your looking for someone that is going to help better your life and fitness cliff […]

Jessy Kolton

Cliff believed in me from day one and has held me accountable for both my slips and successes. With his guidance and support I’ve done a complete 180 and today we were able to mark off a total of 70 lbs lost. As they say, “I’m not there yet but I’m closer than I was […]

Crystal Treants

By Cliff supporting me to do more than I ever thought possible, I feel like I’m in my best shape now. I would highly recommend anyone from beginner to expert, busy schedule, or otherwise to work with him. You don’t work around him, he works around you, by being able to bring the gym to […]

Cyndi Martin Brown

I love the convenience of having the gym come to the office — it’s a time saver that gave me a much needed break in my day. And the results! After the first month, I had dropped 5 pounds, could see definition that was not there before and knocked an average of 15 seconds off […]